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SEO Content Samples and Rates

Want effective content that maximizes the latest SEO technology and Google Algorithms? I write well-crafted content providing the best (and above board) tactics in SEO.

Here are some samples:

SAMPLE 1- Emotional Abuse Counseling

SAMPLE 2- Top 3 Places to Get a Burger in Barcelona

SAMPLE 3- Hostels

Rates are quoted in USD: Up to 300 words: $15

300-500 words: $20

For ongoing projects or bulk pricing, I can work with you further to fit your budget. Just let me know and we can start talking about discount pricing.

*These articles once sold, are yours to keep. I will never reuse or resell them.


I am a native English professional web content writer specializing in SEO: I create informative articles, with a unique voice, that rank high for your keywords.

I have a B.A. in Spanish and Music, but have many varied interests. Some of my favorite industries/subjects to write about include: Traveling, dieting, health and fitness, relationships, and business.

I am originally from Roanoke, VA, but spent 8 years in Richmond, VA (Go VCU RAMS!).  After never living outside of my state, I made the big leap and moved to Barcelona, Spain. Gulp. I have survived, and have some amazing travel advice and perspectives to add to any type of writing you may need.

You Should Hire Me If:

  • You need a real person and personality behind your site that captures readers and has them returning
  • You want someone with various interests like travel, music, learning languages, living in a European country, who speaks to an English market
  • You need your articles to rank for well-researched (I can help you with this) targeted keywords
  • You want someone reliable who manages deadlines well and who also communicates
  • Nice to work with (I always play nice)
  • Wants to build a relationship with you
  • And get to know you and what your needs are!
  • You want a native-English speaker who knows how to write in the right tone to reach an English-speaking market
  • You are willing to hire for quality and not quantity. Yes, there are lots of people charging cheaper rates, but with me you can guarantee unique, interesting, and grammatically correct and edited content to save you time and get you the best results

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