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SEO CONTENT SAMPLE 2- Top 3 Best Places to get a Burger in Barcelona

Top 3 Best Places to Get a Burger in Barcelona

Though the hamburger started in Germany, it reached its full potential in the USA. Home of the brave or really home of the hamburger? In America, there’s no shortage of good burgers. Would you like a burger with bacon, with au jus sauce, with sautéed mushrooms, or how about topping it all off with some pork or beef brisket? Coming from a place with so many good options, I have been in search of the perfect burger that is almost, if even, better than the burgers from home. It has been hard work, but I have been eating my way through the worst and best of Barcelona’s burgers to bring you a list of the top 3 best places to get a burger in Barcelona. What follows is a list, in no particular order.

Let’s first start with what makes a good burger (in my humble burger expert opinion): a large portion of good quality beef, tasty plentiful toppings, and toasted buns made with fresh bread.

1- Foc i Oli
Located in the heart of L’Exiample district, it offers a few amazing burgers, cheap drinks, and yummy side potatoes. As if that wasn’t enough they have an amazing foie burger, and not to be missed (but not truly a hamburger) “The Chivito”. “The Chivito” is worth mentioning, and this steak sandwich alone puts it in the category of best places to get a burger in Barcelona, as it is hard to find anywhere else in the city. Indeed, this is the first and only place where I’ve eaten a chivito in my life. “The Chivito” is a popular sandwich from Uruguay. “The Chivito” at Foc i Oli consists of loin steak slices, shaved parmesan, arugula lettuce, caramelized onions, and a garlic aioli spread. It’s messy and flavorful.

2- Anauco
Located near the Sagrada Familia, it offers a full menu of burgers and other options. They always toast the bread (though some places change this, so request it in advance). It is hard to find good burger places around Sagrada Familia so this one is definitely worth checking out. It doesn’t tend to get too touristy either. They also use 100% beef and have an amazing assortment of cheeses and other interesting ingredients and sauces. Try the ‘Tradiccional’ (Traditional). It has gouda, caramelized onions, BLT, and pickles.

This is a place nestled in between a ton of fast food places such as KFC, Burger King, and McDonald’s. Be sure to skip the lines, and the bad burgers, and head over here. It is located one block from the Sagrada Familia and offers huge burgers with names like: ‘The Monroe’, or ‘The Hepburn’. Obviously they’re a place that knows how to appeal to the large English-speaking market in the area. As such, they will speak to you in English, but if you’re like me and truly want to practice your Spanish, they will actually let you practice on them. Sometimes that is hard to find in Barcelona, but I digress. Go here for “The Monroe”. “The Monroe Burger” will absolutely melt in your mouth. They fry the buns in the skillet in butter before putting on them a huge patty of hamburger deliciousness. They follow the patty with buttery foie, caramelized onions, and shaved parmesan with arugula lettuce. They add grapes as well to make the savoury aspect a bit more interesting.

So there you have my top 3 picks for the best places to get a burger in Barcelona. Be aware that a lot of restaurants in Barcelona may not toast the buns (request this first if it’s important to you). They also sometimes use a mixture of pork and beef for their patties, so be on the lookout for 100% beef if you need to avoid the pork. Be wary of the touristy streets like the Ramblas and Via Laitana. Occasionally you may find some good values there, but usually they will serve a sub par burger and pass it off as an ‘American recipe.’ American recipe or not, these places are the Top 3 places to get a burger in Barcelona, and they will not disappoint. You can trust me. I’m from the USA and I know a good hamburger.

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