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3 Reasons to get Counseling for Emotional Abuse

When many people think of abuse, they immediately think of sexual or physical. Those these types are horribly damaging, emotional abuse can be just as destructive. Emotional abuse is any type of abuse that occurs through words, threats, or any type of abuse related to a power imbalance. The affects of this abuse can be felt for many years after. Individuals who have suffered emotional abuse within their families may be affected into adulthood by making horrible choices and decisions as adults and further traumatized with crippling low self esteem. Speaking with a therapist, and obtaining emotional abuse counseling, can help with making better decisions and being victorious over your painful past as you move forward in the future. Read further to see three reasons therapy for emotional abuse may be helpful.

1- Forgiving the Past and not Hiding Behind Shame
When you are looking at the world through the past trauma of emotional abuse, sometimes you feel hopeless and disempowered to make the right decisions. By seeing a therapist trained in emotional abuse counseling, you can dissect the ways in which you may be having the same thoughts and emotions implanted in your thinking by the abuse of your abuser. You can begin to see the positive reality: that you are not the words your abuser may have programmed into your subconscious. You are a worthwhile, valuable human being. There is no reason to feel less than or have shame surrounding the abuse.

2- Look at Reasons for Your Past Mistakes and Move On to Make Better Decisions in the Future
With a certified counselor, you can begin to analyze your current and past behaviour patterns and see how they are either aiding or hurting you in your career, family, personal, and intimate relationships. With the help of the counselor, you can then begin to come up with plans to choose better behaviours.

3- Look at Current Partner and Situations and Make Decisions to Stay or Leave
Sometimes the current people in our lives were chosen as a result of our abused psyches. We need to look at the people we have in our lives as ones who are either positive or negative influences. They’re either people who want to hurt us or seek to lift us up in our endeavours. As a result of emotional abuse, we may have chosen intimate relationships with abusers as we are used to emotional abuse and it can feel natural. With the help of an emotional abuse therapist, we can start to look at the situations and relationships we are in and gain a better gauge of whether they are good for us or not. Through this help, you can become empowered to make the decision to stay or to go. Sometimes the abuser can enter into therapy themselves and seek to understand why they are abusive. As is the case in many relationships, some partners may be verbally and emotionally abused by their significant other. Though the abuser may never go to therapy themselves, the abused can make an informed decision about their next step or seek to confront the abuser and gain more power over the abuse and their life.

You don’t have to let emotional abuse impact your present and forever. Contact us at ATLANTIS today to see how emotional abuse counseling can help you. (YOUR BYLINE HERE)

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