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SEO CONTENT SAMPLE 2- Top 3 Best Places to get a Burger in Barcelona

Top 3 Best Places to Get a Burger in Barcelona Though the hamburger started in Germany, it reached its full potential in the USA. Home of the brave or really home of the hamburger? In America, there’s no shortage of good burgers. Would you like a burger with bacon, with[…]

SEO Content Samples and Rates

Want effective content that maximizes the latest SEO technology and Google Algorithms? I write well-crafted content providing the best (and above board) tactics in SEO. Here are some samples: SAMPLE 1- Emotional Abuse Counseling SAMPLE 2- Top 3 Places to Get a Burger in Barcelona SAMPLE 3- Hostels Rates are[…]


3 Reasons to get Counseling for Emotional Abuse When many people think of abuse, they immediately think of sexual or physical. Those these types are horribly damaging, emotional abuse can be just as destructive. Emotional abuse is any type of abuse that occurs through words, threats, or any type of[…]