Emily Flowers


The perfect Barcelona tour

Barcelona. (Photo Credit: Annoesjka Brohm. Website: Annoesjka.co.uk

When you live in a city like Barcelona, you are not unaccustomed to visitors. Though I sometimes serve as an unlicensed tour guide to my friends from the US, when I can’t take people around (because I’m playing tourist somewhere else), I provide them with a list of my most[…]

I was pickpocketed in Barcelona! True tales (and advice) from the victims


Barcelona is such an amazing vibrant city, much like Vegas, much like New York, and much like Paris. No city is perfect, and Barcelona is no exception. Though Barcelona is pretty safe for violent crime, it has a reputation for its rash of non-violent petty theft: the pickpocket. Even today,[…]

Review of Rachael Yamagata’s Concert in Barcelona (and Why I think she’ll be Busking with Me Here Soon)

Rachael Yamagata in Concert in Sala Bikini (Barcelona, Spain)- October 4th, 2015 I was running a bit late to meet my friend in the Sala Bikini last night to see Rachael Yamagata’s concert. I am always running late. Even more so in Barcelona and really worse when it’s to a[…]