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The most demotivating speech I’ve ever heard at the Cheesecake Factory


For those who work at the Cheesecake Factory, I mean this to be in no way bashing it. I too worked there for a while, and for those who can work efficiently through the stressful peak hours and handle the corporate lameness and policies. Great. You’ll probably make decent money[…]

The perfect Barcelona tour

Barcelona. (Photo Credit: Annoesjka Brohm. Website: Annoesjka.co.uk

When you live in a city like Barcelona, you are not unaccustomed to visitors. Though I sometimes serve as an unlicensed tour guide to my friends from the US, when I can’t take people around (because I’m playing tourist somewhere else), I provide them with a list of my most[…]

I was pickpocketed in Barcelona! True tales (and advice) from the victims


Barcelona is such an amazing vibrant city, much like Vegas, much like New York, and much like Paris. No city is perfect, and Barcelona is no exception. Though Barcelona is pretty safe for violent crime, it has a reputation for its rash of non-violent petty theft: the pickpocket. Even today,[…]

5 Lesser Known Eccentricities of Prince

They say that eccentricity and genius are linked. In Prince, already a man of many dichotomies and contradictions, the link was most startling. Prince has been regarded as one of the most innovative and talented musicians of our modern world, and especially, in the realm of popular music. Prince had[…]

Spanish to English Translation (And Rates)

I am also fluent in Spanish, so I can take anything written in Spanish and turn it into well-crafted copy in English without seeming translated. I work well under deadlines, am very responsive and reliable, accurate, and fast. I want to help your company find its audience and live up[…]


Top 5 Reasons to Stay in a Hostel If you’ve never stayed in a hostel before, you may have all these preconceived notions about it. Maybe you saw the horror movie ‘Hostel’? Maybe you think they’re rife with bedbugs and gasp, strangers? (And aren’t all strangers bad?) When you’re on[…]

SEO CONTENT SAMPLE 2- Top 3 Best Places to get a Burger in Barcelona

Top 3 Best Places to Get a Burger in Barcelona Though the hamburger started in Germany, it reached its full potential in the USA. Home of the brave or really home of the hamburger? In America, there’s no shortage of good burgers. Would you like a burger with bacon, with[…]

Blogging, Articles and Copywriting (And Rates)

Blog Articles that speak to an English-speaking audience! Peruse my blog to see my many examples. Landing Page Copy/Squeeze Pages, etc. If you need copy that will bring you sales, here ya go! Let’s talk.   Rates: Blog Articles: $30 300-500 words, $40 500-1500 words Website Copy: $50 per page[…]

SEO Content Samples and Rates

Want effective content that maximizes the latest SEO technology and Google Algorithms? I write well-crafted content providing the best (and above board) tactics in SEO. Here are some samples: SAMPLE 1- Emotional Abuse Counseling SAMPLE 2- Top 3 Places to Get a Burger in Barcelona SAMPLE 3- Hostels Rates are[…]


3 Reasons to get Counseling for Emotional Abuse When many people think of abuse, they immediately think of sexual or physical. Those these types are horribly damaging, emotional abuse can be just as destructive. Emotional abuse is any type of abuse that occurs through words, threats, or any type of[…]