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5 Lesser Known Eccentricities of Prince


They say that eccentricity and genius are linked. In Prince, already a man of many dichotomies and contradictions, the link was most startling. Prince has been regarded as one of the most innovative and talented musicians of our modern world, and especially, in the realm of popular music. Prince had perfect pitch and mastered several instruments. He was a modern Mozart (and he wore the same ruffled blouses). He was also an eccentric, a perfectionist, and domineering when it came to his music and to his personal life.


1.“He used to have us practice with a metronome beat in our ears [which is quite common], but also in the dark. We had to be really ready for the performance.” (Former drummer)

2.“He could play any instrument and knew every part of whatever instrument for every song. He would correct you on the spot and sing back your line or correct the one piece of the drum fill that was missing. He was a genius.” (Former band member)

Personal Life

3. Prince was said to be controlling and a perfectionist in his dating life. Though he had many famous lovers, among his most famous were Appolonia and Carmen Electra.

4. In an interview, Carmen Electra described the control he had in their relationship: “He would expect me to be ready for him at the drop of a hat. He would come over to my house late at night, and I would be like his living doll. I would put makeup on and go to sleep with it [on]. He wanted me to look perfect even when sleeping.”

5. As sexual and hedonistic as he seemed, he had a secret religious side. You can find many religious overtones to his music, such as “I will die for you.” He apparently became a Jehovah’s Witness in 2001. Though his look always straddled the line of is he or isn’t he (gay)?, no one seems to know the truth.  

The news of Prince’s death hit me harder than even Bowie’s. In my musician circle, many people claimed to have known him through a friend, or as one drummer in my community claimed, as his drummer on one of his tours. His eccentric antics and genius are the perfect fodder for urban legends. May he live on. RIP Prince.

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